Frequently Asked Questions
I appreciate that logo and brand development is quite a specialist subject, and you probably have a lot of questions and uncertainties surrounding what is involved, the process, and what you’ll get. So, based on my experience with dealing with clients from all walks of life, I’ve compiled a handy list that should help pre-empt any questions you may have.

If you’d like to chat further however, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Do I own the logo and copyright?
By default all creative works produced by any designer remain the copyright of that designer, however as part of my service and deliverables all rights are handed over to you upon successful completion of the project. Copyright handover is included in the cost.
The logo is yours to do with what you wish, however I do not recommend you change the design in any way without proper consultation.
It is your responsibility to register and protect the right for trademarks and other such protection.

What do I get?
Each design project is different and varying in terms of scope and deliverables, however I typically provide a complete package that gives you the tools to market and grow your business, I have refined these deliverables over many years and I am able to tailor the exact deliverables to your specific needs.
Upon successful project completion, a typical logo design project will result in the handover of the following files:
Web files - all logo files in JPG/PNG  format, in RGB colour mode for web and screen use.
Print files - all logo files in high resolution JPG format, in CMYK colour mode ready for printing.
Large format print files - all logo files in vector EPS format, ready for printing at any size.

If required, I also design and provide the following:
Alternative logo layouts - various logo layouts may be required for different applications, such as horizontal/vertical versions to fit in confined spaces. This may also include icon-only, or text-only versions of the logo.
Single colour or black and white versions - for various applications where the logo must be a solid colour, such as overlaid upon an image or solid colour.

A brand pack typically includes the following:
Social media avatar version of the logo.
Social media header/cover images.
Favicon for use on your website.
A brand colour palette that compliments the logo.
Select typefaces/fonts to be used as your brand typeface.
A brand guideline PDF document that gives guidance on how to use the logo and ensure brand consistency.

How much does it cost?
Projects are tailored to the specific needs of the client, the amount of time and creative thinking required varies, as does the scope and scale of the project. I’m happy to estimate on individual projects and quote once I know the specifics; but logo design and branding projects can vary from £500-£3000 depending on specific requirements, scope and complexity.

How long does the whole process take?
Each project is different, however I have refined my process over the years.
A typical branding project turnaround time is 4-6 weeks, this allows adequate time for you to input ideas and for me to understand your business objectives, carry out the necessary research, and to thoroughly explore ideas before presenting initial concepts.
I am happy to work to deadlines and these should be factored into the project timeline at the earliest instance.

A typical project is split into two payments; an initial non-refundable deposit of 50% to kickstart the work. The final balancing invoice is payable upon successful completion and on handover of the deliverables.

What if I don’t like the logo you have designed?
The initial discovery phase, in which we discuss your requirements and you complete a questionnaire, should help guide the design direction and define kind of design solution for your individual brief. This is a tried and tested process that works most of the time. However, in the unlikely event of none of the initial designs hitting the mark, I will work with you to find a solution we can agree upon. I will justify my design decisions, whilst taking fully onboard any concerns or ideas you may have.
Whilst I do not charge extra for reasonable alterations and revisions, if changes are deemed outside the scope of the project, or an entirely different direction to the brief is requested, then additional time and costs will be involved.
In the extremely unlikely event of it being deemed that the project is unworkable and that no future designs with satisfy, then we will agree to terminate the project.

Can I keep any unused design concepts?
You do not have permission to: use, modify, alter, replicate or borrow, any of the previous and unused: ideas, concepts, notes, and sketches previously shown and presented during the course of the project.
All original preparation materials, sketches, visuals and unused ideas previously shown, and considered, will remain the property of Will Saunders/Studio Raygun.
We are free to use these unused ideas for future conceptual and client work when required. Where a previously unused idea/design retains a similar look and style to the finished design, we shall repurpose and restyle as to be sufficiently different so as not to cause conflict.

I need help with naming my company and/or writing the company slogan.
I am happy to provide ideas and consultation on this important branding decision. Additional time and costs are associated with this.
This stage of the process should be completed before any visual design is commenced.
It is recommended that thorough checks and legal/copyright checks are carried out, and this responsibility lies with the client.

Fonts and typefaces.
As part of a brand pack, I typically suggest a brand typeface to be used across all marketing collateral going forward. This is usually different to the font used within the logo (if there is one).
In order to maximise budget and ensure the font is able to translate onto the web,  I typically source royalty and cost free web fonts. These are professionally designed fonts that are designed for modern applications.
If it is decided that a proprietary typeface is to be used, a license must be purchased (I can do this on your behalf) and the additional cost will be included to the project fee and the font files will be delivered upon handover.
Can you create a logo from my sketch, or design exactly what I tell you to?
Whilst I am always open to ideas and input, and I welcome the rationale behind any concept given, my role is a creative thinker here to provide you with design solutions.
Having worked with a large number of clients from many industries and backgrounds, I appreciate it is sometimes easier to explain requirements in the form of a sketch or by sourcing existing design materials you like the look of - these are added to the "melting pot of ideas" that help me to devise a visual solution that portrays your desired message in a unique way.

Can I suggest a font/colour/graphic to use?
You are more than welcome to have input of ideas and make suggestions, and I welcome the rationale behind these ideas. However I cannot guarantee that I will follow exactly what is suggested; there may be legitimate reasons why I would suggest alternatives and I will articulate them to you in the first instance.

Can you copy my competitors logo?
Copying is not only illegal, it is also unwise to imitate a competitor’s visual identity as this puts you in a weaker position in terms of memorability within a marketplace.
You are free to suggest a company whose visual identity and brand appeals to the same audience as yours, and is similarly positioned in the market.
We review what makes that brand successful; why it appeals to your chosen demographic and devise our own way of communicating that in a unique way that is recognisable and ownable.

Errors and mistakes.
Whilst I endeavour to work to the highest possible standard I cannot  guarantee that any work delivered will be error-free and I cannot be held responsible for any damages incurred, such as loss of profit, as a result of this work.

I hope that's answered your questions!

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